He’s not just the guy with the impressive beard and smooth baritone voice, he’s also our boss. But Luke Blincoe isn’t cut from the same cloth as other CEO’s, and we reckon you’d enjoy getting to know him a bit better.

Q. You’ve got a pretty busy life - CEO of a company, family, dogs and a love of surfing - how do you manage to achieve this elusive life balance?

A. I could always do more, surfing especially! I start getting a bit twitchy if I haven’t been out in the waves for a while. But our hybrid way of working at Electric Kiwi has been great. I try to work from home a couple of days a week and when I end up doing some long hours I make sure I make time to do stuff that’s important to me and my family, as well as making sure the Electric Kiwi family is healthy too.

Q. And what’s something you always make time for?

A. I coach and manage my son’s college rugby team, so I leave work early some days for that. Coaching them is almost the same as running a company. You start with a vision and values - work out the things we don’t negotiate on, how we get the team behind it and what we want to achieve. So it’s actually using the same principles.

Q. Speaking of leading a team - how do you do that at Electric Kiwi?

A. People don’t get out of bed in the morning to improve shareholder returns, we all want to contribute to the world. We work hard to create an environment and culture that values individuality and our differences, whilst creating a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Q. The other team out there are your customers, how do they fit in to your vision?

A. We’ve always focused on our culture and our customers. We’ve given customers the ability to influence the outcomes and have some control over their electricity bills. We are trying to deliver a better deal for people. People deserve better.

Q. Have you had any feedback on your singing debut in the Electric Kiwi ad?

A. Singing out of tune? Yeah, not that I particularly want a high profile, but recently I was asked for a selfie with a guy in Rotorua so he could show his family. I think it’s the beard. It’s quite funny.

Q. It might be hard to compete with the heady heights of your new celebrity status, but where to next for Electric Kiwi?

A. To keep engaging our team and our customers .. but most importantly to have fun doing it. We’re not afraid to take the piss out of ourselves!